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Need a change of scenery? Want a relaxing time at the beach? Looking for affordable AND exhilarating experiences? In just 3 days, you can experience all of this in PATTAYA!

Located east of the Gulf of Thailand, this city holds plenty of fun opportunities. From stunning tourist destinations to relaxing beaches to delectable street food, Pattaya is an adventure in and of itself. Let’s take a look into my thrilling three-day experience here.

Friday: Arrival

Bright and early Friday morning, my friends and I left to take a bus from Bangkok to Pattaya. Just 60 miles and 2 hours later, we arrived! The bus cost 130 baht, and it was a quick and pleasant experience.

After arriving, we checked into our hotel. If you’re in search for the best resorts and villas at an affordable price in Pattaya, La Maniera, Cape Dara, or Veranda are definitely worth checking out. When you book through Socialgiver, half of your purchase will go toward a project supporting a social issue — some of these include education, empowerment, and saving the environment. Whether it’s for the scenery, beautiful pools, skytop lounges, or vicinity to the beach, you will always find a perfect match through Socialgiver.

Next stop: Central Festival. In this seven-story shopping mall, you will find hundreds of clothing stores, restaurants, entertainment, and breathtaking views of the beach. Take a step outside and you can enjoy countless street food vendors and mini shops too! If you need sunscreen, a quick snack, new beach clothing, or simply an escape from the warm weather, Central Festival is the place to go.

After cooling off in the mall for a bit, we made our way to Nongnooch Garden. This tropical botanical garden is a sight for sore eyes. The vibrancy, sweet aroma, and tranquility of this garden was absolutely beautiful — a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of city life, as well. You can find yourself admiring the rows and columns of rare cycads, cacti, flowers, and succulent plants for hours on end. This garden is definitely worth visiting.

It’s difficult to see the sunset when you’re surrounded by buildings and vehicles, but at Jomtien Beach, you can see where the sun hits the horizon. Fetch a blanket, grab a take out dinner, and admire the stunning sunset! The combination of the fresh evening breeze, sound of the waves hitting the shore, and the view will remind you of how beautiful nature is. Chase every sunset, you won’t regret it!

After the sun sets, make your way to the Jomtien Night Market. This market has music, food, drinks, and happy customers all around. We ate mango sticky rice, pad thai, noodles, and smoothies all for less than 300 baht! What a perfect way to finish a day full of adventures.

Saturday: Koh Larn

Known as the “Coral Island,” Koh Larn is definitely worth paying a visit to when you’re in Pattaya. A ferry ride will get you there in 30 minutes, and the views are not to miss. This small island is full of many wonders.

We spent the day at two beaches: Tawaen and Samae Beach. There are plenty of beaches to visit when you’re on this island — some beaches are more quiet than others, while others have more attractions like jet skiing or scuba diving. Did you know that you can even see monkeys at some?!

So, buy a coconut to sip on, soak in the sun, listen to music, and swim in the clear water of Koh Larn. This is a time to relax before the nighttime back in Pattaya.

After a fulfilling day on the Koh Larn island, we took the evening ferry back to Pattaya. Next stop: Tree Town Night Market. This market is a conglomeration of restaurants, live music, food stalls, and bars. We hung out here to grab a quick bite of food before heading down to Pattaya’s Walking Street — the epicenter of Thailand’s nightlife.

Walking Street is one of the most renowned entertainment spots in Thailand. We took a walk down this street and were bombarded by buzzing street music, vibrant flashing lights, and delicious street food. To say that Walking Street was a crazy experience is an understatement.

Sunday: Departure

On Sunday, we decided to relax at our rooftop pool until it was time to head back to Bangkok. Pattaya is quite the view to take in — from above, the city is secluded by the sea and consists of a colorful fusion of buildings, hotels, houses, and the beach. On the ground, you’ll find busy streets and many passersby.

From bustling street markets to relaxing resorts to swimming in the clear blue water to having the best night out, Pattaya provides a one of a kind experience. It has so much to offer, and it’s definitely a destination worth visiting! Take it from a tourist’s perspective, you won’t want to miss this lively experience!

This post was written by Socialgiver intern, Linda Shen.


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