On July 27th, Linda Shen and Anucha Chengkartohk of Socialgiver had the opportunity to speak with the Director of Marketing at Lub d, Kan Jaruangkoon.

Lub d is a unique and sustainable travel accommodation that attracts explorers from all over the world. Partnering with Socialgiver in our Meaningful Travel campaign, Lub d shares the same vision of providing excellent travel experiences while promoting sustainable and ethical tourism. Together, we hope to create a giving ecosystem where everyone can contribute to helping society while doing the things they love!

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Director of Marketing at Lub d, Kan Jaruangkoon.

This insightful conversation revealed just how committed Lub d is to promoting ethical tourism and sustainability in our world, all while providing for the needs and fast-paced trends of our current society.

To begin, briefly describe Lub d.

Lub d is perfect for the new generations. “We’re quite advanced in technology,” says Kan. Lub d is not your average hotel — the way it’s run is much different from what you’d be used to. Kan says that it’s “not a serious hotel.” Consider Lub d more as a friendly neighborhood, coworking space, and an upbeat bar! People here love their dorm rooms, and the accommodations are super clean and well designed.

What is Lub d’s mission?

It’s simple: to always encourage guests to create meaningful travel and memories. “We love to see our guests creating new friends in our social spaces,” says Kan. Lub d has destinations in the most buzzing areas of Thailand where lots of relationship creating is encouraged.
Together, as part of our Meaningful Travel campaign, we want to “contribute something positive to the earth while making others happy.” By small, significant actions like saving electricity and minimizing washing, guests are aware that we are working toward a good cause, and they do the same!

Where does Lub d draw its inspiration from?

When we visited Lub d, we noticed that it had an extremely unique hip and spunky style. The style of Lub d is simply “the future of the world,” says Kan. Lub d specifically targets Gen Z and younger adults who are especially interested in sustainability. It is truly a social hotel, and our staff is constantly working to analyze new trends, interests, and activities of our guests.

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What does Lub d hope to accomplish by being a part of Socialgiver’s Meaningful Travel Campaign?

“We’re already making a great first step partnering with you,” says Kan. Currently, marketing strategies have been changing rapidly and it’s nothing like old times. Now, Lub d is particularly interested in focusing on CSR.
“We’re not just looking for solar energy or a PR story. We truly want our guests to be aware that they are a part of doing something really good.” For decades we’ve known that we can limit our plastic intake, recycle more, and donate to various social causes. When you choose Lub d, you’re contributing something — whether it’s saving big trees or donating to a social project in Thailand while also continuing to do the things you love

What challenges has Lub d faced?

“Really getting our message out there.” We have the passion, skills, and resources, but the main part is now getting potential consumers to really take a chance on us. They don’t realize how big of an impact they make on the world when they choose us!

In 10 years, where do you see Lub d?

Not only is Lub d a great place to stay, but when you choose it, you know that “you’re doing something good.” In the future, Lub d hopes to be a go-to accommodation for all travelers, where everyone can experience travel reimagined. Travel safe, travel happily, travel sustainably, and sleep well with Lub d!


Lub d X Socialgiver is a determined collaboration to encourage all individuals to travel and enjoy life more, all while making the world a better place. If you’re interested in booking a stay at Lub d, check out Socialgiver. Here, you will not only receive a discounted price, but half of your purchase will go toward saving big trees around Thailand. Thank you so much to Kan Jaruangkoon for the opportunity to speak with Socialgiver.

This blog post was written by Socialgiver intern, Linda Shen.

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