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Cross Hotels & Resorts is one of Asia Pacific’s leading hotel management companies. Partnering with Socialgiver, Cross shares the same vision of providing quality experiences while also promoting ethical, sustainable tourism. Our collaborative Meaningful Travel campaign aims to create a giving ecosystem where everyone can contribute to help society while doing what they love.

On July 26th, Harry Thaliwal – CEO of Cross Hotels & Resorts — spoke with Napatsorn Patamawisut and Linda Shen of Socialgiver to discuss the goals of the partnership and Cross’ visions for sustainable living. Having been involved in the hospitality industry for more than 28 years, Harry has successfully led multiple senior teams across the Asia Pacific region and is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about corporate sustainability.

Mr. Harry Thaliwal

To begin, what is the mission of Cross Hotels & Resorts?

“To transform hospitality for all of our stakeholders,” says Harry. Cross hopes to become one of Asia Pacific’s best hospitality companies in all aspects — especially social impact. Cross aims to provide excellent service and quality while maintaining its operations at a sustainable level as both aspects align with Cross’ values.

Cross Pattaya Pratamnak 1

Cross Pattaya Pratamnak picturesque combination of sea and garden where guests enjoy their ‘Bubbly Breakfast’ refreshments overlooking the magnificent view

How does Cross reflect your passions and aspirations for the future?

Harry wanted to continue to “further grow the footprint” of Cross and its operations. Passionate about enforcing responsible environmental and social experiences, Harry has pushed boundaries and challenged norms in order to make Cross what it is today. While we are ambitious about our hospitality expansion and have continuously advanced operation methods to maximize effective management, we remain committed to making a tangible social and environmental impact to bring about a socially conscious consumer movement to our setting. Instead of focusing solely on profit, we aim to make individuals understand the power of their purchases.

Could you describe your 5 standout brands?

Cross is the premium brand of the company that stands out for its deluxe character. Cross Vibe is the more “playful version” of Cross where you will experience a more urban, informal, social setting, while Away offers an escape from the “hustle and bustle” of city life. With Lumen, you can expect to have a luxurious but laid-back experience. Lastly, Cross Collection allows you to choose from a collection of independent hotels and resorts, curated for each of its unique characters and style.

What separates Cross from other hotels in Asia, and why pick Cross over somewhere else?

Simply put, Cross defines what true lifestyle hospitality is. With Cross’ five signalized brands, every individual is offered a choice of accommodations of character suitable to meet their criteria. We curate to optimize every individual’s experience during their stay with us.

Cross River Kwai 4

Cross River Kwai exclusive location allows guests to be fully-immersed in the panoramic view of the Kwai Noi river bank, enjoying diverse outdoor facilities and activities

What factors have contributed to your success and quality customer service, especially in Thailand? 

“There’s no cookie cutter solution.” However, it is important to take into account that Cross’ guests come from a whole different spectrum of cultures and preferences. Mr. Thaliwal believes this is the key to Cross’ success, “we must understand our customers and provide for their needs.” Especially in Thailand, “we have to spend a lot of time analyzing every bit and part.”

Social engagement is another key aspect that contributes to Cross’ growing influence — whether it’s being the first ones to jump on TikTok or hopping onto other apps like LINE.  “We really focus on being interactive and allowing our customers to share their opinions and give us suggestions.” In this way, it allows us to keep our business growing if the public has a positive impression that we are approachable and accessible.

What does Cross Hotels offer to contribute to our mission? Together, how can we create a more ethical and socially responsible future?

“The key reason why we are working together is because of our aligned views.” Our society has so far long neglected our actions that had negatively affected our environment as a whole. But both Socialgiver and Cross believe there is still time and potential to preempt and better our current society. Both our mission is to create an ecosystem that individuals support businesses while businesses support individuals in vice versa.

Away Chiang Mai Thapae 3

Away Chiang Mai Thapae colonial, Lanna-inspired design provides a tranquil escape – a hideaway from the city life

As for Cross Hotels & Resorts, we implement many practices to combat environmental issues. We are attempting to reduce carbon footprints by limiting all single-use plastics while supporting the use of biodegradable and green materials. We encourage our customers to limit their daily waste and support local communities through social projects and charities. All in all, Harry highlights that to create a more sustainable future, it’s all about raising awareness about the impact of our daily actions. Those who use Socialgiver’s services are conscious of supporting socially responsible corporations like Cross.

In 10 years, where do you see Cross Hotels & Resorts?

“We want to own the lifestyle space in Asia,” says Harry, and Cross Hotels & Resorts is well on its way to being a prominent hotel operator in Pacific Asia. Supporting sustainable businesses like Cross is the key to a better, more healthy future.

Cross Hotels & Resorts X Socialgiver is not only an opportunity for all individuals to travel and enjoy life more, but a determined collaboration to make the world a better place at the same time. If you’re interested in booking a stay at Cross Hotels & Resorts, check out the Socialgiver website. Here, you will not only receive a discounted price but your purchase will go toward saving big trees around Thailand. Thank you so much to Mr. Harry Thaliwal for the opportunity to speak with Socialgiver.

This post was written by Socialgiver intern, Linda Shen

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