These images were taken in Lub d Bangkok location.

Lub d hotel is a trendy and chic hotel that attracts explorers from all over the world. Partnering with Socialgiver, Lub d aims to encourage Meaningful Travel by promoting sustainable travel and supporting different social projects throughout Thailand. When you book your stay at Lub d through Socialgiver, half of your purchase will be donated to charity.

Want to create new relationships with explorers like you or relax in the peace of your own private room? If so, Lub d has everything to match your needs! Perfectly situated in the most buzzing areas of Thailand, Lub d offers the unique opportunity to explore local cultures, encounter new experiences, and relax at an amazing place! I got the chance to stay at Lub d in its Bangkok Siam location, and it exceeded all my expectations — here’s what you can expect when you stay here.

Initially entering Lub d, I immediately noticed their commitment to sustainability — old rice bags were reused into curtains and plastic baskets were used as lampshades!

lub d decor

Lub d also provides so many things! If you want to relax, make your way to the cozy movie theater where you can watch your favorite films, meet new friends, and enjoy free popcorn.

lub d decor (1)

Need to do work? Lub d has an awesome coworking space where you can get your work done in a convenient and peaceful environment. They provide whiteboards, projectors, couches, and large tables so you can work as comfortably and conveniently as you want.

lub d decor (3)

Made some new friends? Socialize and strengthen your friendships by grabbing a drink at the bar located in Lub d itself. The drinks are yummy and affordable and the music is great. You’re bound to have a great time!


Lastly, grab a delicious breakfast and coffee at the convenience of your very own home. Lub d seriously provides all!


Lub d draws in tech-savvy, sociable, and adventurous individuals just like you. The rooms are bright, the area is colorful, and the staff is extremely friendly — the perfect environment that will make you feel just at home. In the shared dorms, you’ll have plenty of space in your own personal locker to store your belongings. Compared to other hotels too, you’ll notice that the shared dorms and bathrooms are extremely sanitary and the air conditioning is fully functional!

What I enjoyed the most during my stay at Lub d was the location. Being in the middle of Siam and next to a BTS station, I was able to get around Bangkok with no problem at all. Just a 5 minute walk away was plenty stalls of street food, huge malls like Siam Paragon and MBK, the art and cultural center, and renowned attractions like the Jim Thompson House. I was able to spend a whole day exploring the area around Lub d and it was a conveniently amazing experience! You definitely won’t find yourself being bored when you stay here.

siam aarea

On your next vacation, look no further and book your stay at Lub d through Socialgiver. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the vibrant city life, homely atmosphere, and great service all in one. The best part? You’re supporting a business that promotes meaningful travel in hopes to see an ethical, more sustainable future. Do good for the world while doing the things you love — book your stay at Lub d now!

This post was written by Socialgiver intern, Linda Shen

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