Socialgiver's Siam innovation district aims to positively impact Thailand

Socialgiver today announced a new partnership with Siam Innovation District (เมืองนวัตกรรมแห่งสยาม)

an initiative launched by CU Innovation Hub that aims to attract innovators and new innovations into Siam; especially those that would positively impact Siam’s stakeholders and Thailand as a whole under the theme “Contributing Innovative Impacts for The Future of Thailand”

Socialgiver has joined Siam Innovation District to help build a community of socially conscious businesses and consumers in Siam and neighboring areas. As the lifestyle center of Thailand, and one of Thailand’s most visited areas, Socialgiver hopes to inspire greater inclusion and participation from businesses all around Thailand from the success story of Siam taking an active role in positive social contribution.
Socialgiver is an award winning lifestyle & travel platform that helps consumers, businesses and social projects work together to create positive social impact; in a win-win-win giving economy. Customers shop on for great deals from leading hotels, restaurants, and activities across Thailand. That’s not all. Socialgiver makes your shopping experience even more special by donating 100% of profits from purchases on to help create impact and sustainability for important causes.
Officially launched in May 2015, Socialgiver has helped over 160 leading brands across Thailand to impact over 20,000 lives. Their solution helps businesses ‘do well by doing good’ which offers opportunities to promote their businesses and acquire new customers while at the same time helping local charities that are working on the ground int he most effective way.

Through a series of campaigns and events from December to March, Socialgiver is looking to promote Siam as an Innovation District and raise awareness for social responsibility throughout Siam – for both businesses and consumers. By February 2018, Socialgiver aims to bring together 30 businesses in Siam District and surrounding areas to raise funds to support charity projects across Thailand.

Businesses in Siam District and neighboring areas are invited to contact Socialgiver at for interests in joining Socialgiver’s Siam District Campaign. Businesses that have already signed up include Maisen, Laem Charoen Seafood, Let’s Relax, Siam@Siam Hotel, and more.

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