Under the collaboration of the Grand National Treasure Bureau, Pipit Banglamphu Museum, Socialgiver, and Banglamphu Community, we are proud to present Pipit Banglamphu Street Art Festival.

Ten artists of different styles showcase the uniqueness of five communities through the art of mural paintings surrounding the Pipit Banglamphu museum. Socialgiver brings you the highlights of the opening that happened last week, October 12. The temporary exhibition will be staying from October 12 to December 31, 2018 at the Pipit Banglamphu Museum. We invite you to walk into the Banglamphu communities, take some pictures and learn a little bit about each community through street art. Here is the Street Art Map: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1on4oDLnapV-yPfgXMoFy8gXYcxBmdHHu&usp=sharing)


Pipit Banglamphu Street Art and Partner Logos


Artists painted Lamphu flowers at the opening event.


Relaxed Atmosphere at the Pipit Banlamphu Museum Garden


Gigi Mascot from Socialgiver in front of Pipit Banglamphu Museum 


Sampraya Temple Community “The Old Pier”
By Abi Original, Bang Bang, Darkone Jartown Rga and Jecks Bkk

44267182_2230519317022493_44600362035838976_o    “Sampraya Samakkhi” by the Grand National Treasure Bureau Team


“The Traditional Dance” by The Grand National Treasure Bureau -The Treasury Department,


Trok Phan Thom community specialized in the handmade bowl
“Phan Thom Community” by Jecks Bkk

44300371_2230518867022538_6140804314081263616_o   “Flower of Life” by Art by Karma  in front of the Pipit Banglamphu


 “The Royal Barge Si Suphannahong” at Wat Samwet School by 3C Project and Banlamphu Community

44197896_2230519017022523_795002067147030528_o (1)

“The Beauty Pageant” at Wat Mai Community by Him HP


“The Embroidery Artist” at Trok Kai Jae by Aniu Rattanawadee Sukapad


“Gigi riding the Naka” at Penpak Place Hotel by Socialgiver Team


 “The Handmade Bowl” at Trok Phan Thom Community by Nongpop


Pipit Banglamphu Street Art Map