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Been a long week? Need to relieve some stress and relax? Then you should get a massage at Motion Spa! Especially when you’re in Thailand, you’re not getting the full experience if you don’t try out a massage!

When you book Motion Spa through Socialgiver, half of your purchase will go toward supporting the environment. As part of the Meaningful Travel campaign, Motion Spa and Socialgiver hope to protect green spaces around Thailand and support nature conservation all while making our consumers happy. What’s a better way to make an impact without paying more all while doing something you love?

Motion Spa provides a truly unique experience — all the therapists are men! This company aims to promote and raise awareness about male employment in the spa industry when it’s typically seen as a female role.

When I first arrived, I was greeted by friendly smiles from the staff and met my therapist who would be doing my massage. Motion Spa is great because you first get to know your masseur to create a comfortable and hospitable atmosphere. You’re also given a form to fill out that asks you to circle which areas on your body you’d like them to target and areas you’d like them to avoid. After my welcome, it was time to get my aromatherapy massage!

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This massage was an insane sensory experience! From the sweet, ambrosial smells of the oils to the sound of the serene lofi music to the feeling of pressure and knots releasing from your body, it’ll make you feel like you’re ascending into heaven. The masseurs will also let you know what is being done and ask for permission before performing anything so you have a comfortable experience. The quality service and experience were out of this world, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

Afterward, I had the opportunity to speak with Worrakritt Tongchiew & Pattamon Rungsimarussmee of Motion Spa to discuss their mission, achievements, and goals for the future.

What inspired you to come up with this idea?

“The perception of male therapists wasn’t good before, and we want to raise up the standards of the males in this occupation,” says Pattamon.

What is the mission of Motion Spa, and why is it important?

At most of the spas here, you’ll notice that the treatments are mainly performed by masseuses. Motion Spa tries to give more males the opportunity to be masseurs and hopes to see more in the field. Since they’re a fairly new company, “there’s no limitation on what we can do,” says Pattamon. It’s all about trial and error!

What was one of the biggest challenges trying to make this company succeed?

As Worrakritt and Pattamon state, it’s a very “detailed business.” There’s a lot to consider, especially when it comes to consumer satisfaction. They are constantly trying to improve their service and how they can make consumers the most happy!

Have you experienced any criticism thus far?

“Initially, yes.” Just like any company, you’ll run into issues, but this is when you must persevere and build your company culture. “It becomes easier and easier,” says Pattamon.

How is the community?

The Motion Spa is made up of “chefs, international students, artists,” and so many more. It’s a diverse group of individuals, and it creates a great environment. Everyone’s different backgrounds contribute to the amazing blend of cultures that exists in Motion Spa.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of this whole journey?

“Having an academy for training male therapists.” It’s rewarding to see these individuals come out of these training sessions as skilled masseurs! Most importantly, however, they have a good mindset and personality, excellent customer service, and of course, great massage skills.

How do you see Motion Spa and its mission growing in the next 10 years?

“We’re for sure scaling up in the coming future,” says Worrakritt. Motion Spa is hoping to not only create branches in other parts of Thailand like Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Phuket but also in other countries! Most importantly, they hope to designate Motion Spa as a place of empowerment for therapists.

You should definitely check out Motion Spa for your next massage. You’ll be greeted by great care and friendly smiles while walking out feeling like a new person! Check out Socialgiver to buy a package at Motion Spa for a great price and toward a great cause.

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This post was written by Socialgiver intern, Linda Shen.


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