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Everyone can benefit while giving back to society!

On April 12th, The Nation Thailand interviewed Socialgiver CEO Aliza Napartivaumnuay and Founder Arch Wongchindawest to discuss their missions, motivations, and aspirations for a better future.

To begin, what is Socialgiver?

Socialgiver is a lifestyle and travel platform that hopes to inspire people to travel and simply enjoy their life more, all while making a meaningful impact on the world. Whenever you buy Socialgiver’s services from our partner brands, half of the profits will be donated to local projects that are making a meaningful impact across Thailand. Examples of these projects include the Covid Relief Bangkok, Love4Air, Thailand Recovery Fund, and the Sati Foundation.

Why do you call it Socialgiver?

Looking for effective ways for people to give back to society, “we were inspired by the idea that doing good should be something that we can do on a daily basis,” says Arch. Arch and Aliza noticed that businesses were wasting a lot of service capacity — restaurants had unreserved seats, hotels had empty bedrooms, and events had unsold tickets. They wanted to convert these spare services into value for society, and together, created a platform that could give back in a meaningful way.

Why do you think it’s important to give back to society through Socialgiver?

“I’m sure everyone has many different ways in which they want to give back,” says Aliza. Social and environmental issues are increasing on a daily basis, and it’s important to support these causes. This is why Socialgiver offers something truly special. It’s almost like “guilt-free travel,” and when people are encouraged to do good more transparently, it brings awareness to more social and environmental problems.

Who will benefit the most?

“All three parties will benefit!” Aliza says. This includes Socialgiver’s giving partners, who are the businesses, projects, which are the beneficiaries receiving the funds, and consumers, who are essential in building this community. We consider anyone — shoppers and donors — using the platform as socialgivers.

How will your platform help to improve society?

Socialgiver envisions a world where people support businesses that are making good things happen in their local communities, environment, and the world at large. “We believe that businesses should do more than just make profit,” says Arch. Bringing about a socially conscious consumer movement where people can realize that their purchasing power makes a difference can change the world we live in.

As Arch mentions, how you spend your money is a vote for how you want the world to be — if we vote with our money in the right way, we can shift the world in the right direction.

Who are your partners and clients?

Socialgiver has now worked with over 500 businesses consisting of hotels, restaurants, airlines, spas, and more, all of which are curated based on services that Socialgiver’s team members enjoy. Think of it like a “friend introducing another friend to things that we love in Thailand,” says Arch. Socialgiver also looks for socially responsible businesses which range from international to local green businesses that have a record of doing good for the community.

How do you bring awareness to the projects Socialgiver works with?

“Being able to purchase a hotel through Socialgiver for just one night at a pool villa can send a child to school for three years.”

Socialgiver has been supporting about 60 projects that focus on issues such as education, environment, covid relief, empowerment, and more. “We partner with local charities and organizations who are already doing amazing work,” says Aliza. Instead of replacing them, Socialgiver is a bridge, providing them with resources to continue the work they’re doing.

The biggest challenge so far has been getting people to believe that this was possible. However, once consumers realize that their purchases can make a difference, more and more projects receive the exposure they need.

What kind of partnerships do you have?

Since Socialgiver is preparing to scale up across different countries, the biggest support has come from our biggest partner, the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Socialgiver and the TAT share the same vision for sustainable, environment-friendly tourism, and hope that in the future, Thailand is not viewed as a cheap vacation, but moreso an eco-friendly and nature abundant destination.

What sort of society would you like to create?

In our society today, a lot of people seem to be okay with businesses not contributing to making the world better. This allows for socially irresponsible businesses to grow quickly, contributing to the ongoing environmental crisis.

“I want to live in a society where every business is good for the world, and how I see the direction that the world has been moving… it’s a little bit heartbreaking” says Arch.

Similarly, Aliza hopes to be able to see a world that is “more just and more equal.” She expresses that life is all about choices, and we must choose to be kinder, thoughtful, and ask more questions.

Socialgiver is a gateway for people to start realizing that there really is a community beyond yourself, and there are also brands and people that truly care.

When doing good is made a lot easier, people will wanna do it more often. The world is making small steps toward a better future, and Socialgiver aims to find new, creative ways in which people can do more of what they love while supporting societal issues.

Thank you to The Nation Thailand for the opportunity to speak with Socialgiver! To learn more, please download the Socialgiver application or visit


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