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The world’s favorite travel destination has never been this quiet, and as the high season approaches, Thailand is trying to breathe life back into its beautiful beaches, mesmerizing cultural sites, and world-famous dining scene. Over the past two years, a small social enterprise, Socialgiver, has been promoting domestic tourism that allow travelers to stay at beautiful resorts across Thailand while supporting rural hospitals and vulnerable communities dotted around the city. Their travel packages would raise money by donating half of the revenue directly to help those in need.

As the high season kicks in and Thailand welcomes international travellers, Socialgiver has partnered with Tourism Authority of Thailand and Big Trees Project to introduce a way which hopes to bring in ‘a better normal’. It’s more than responsible tourism because it’s partly (half, in fact) a fundraising mission for preserving green spaces in Thailand.

“Meaningful Travel” is a campaign led by Socialgiver to promote a brand new option for travel. As a way to collectively create a net positive impact on the locations we travel to with the helping hand of visionary travel and lifestyle brands that believe that the future of travel is in being regenerative which means having a mission that moves towards creating a net positive impact, Aliza Napartivaumnuay, Co-founder of Socialgiver states that “Socialgiver’s goal is to help businesses help society’s most vulnerable people and places. We believe that society can only flourish out of a crisis when everyone is taken care of, especially those left furthest behind.”

Socialgiver has partnered with TAT Stockholm to uplift Thailand as a socially responsible travel destination attractive to environmentally-conscious Scandinavian travelers. This campaign supports TAT’s renewed focus on responsible tourism and environmental preservation. The Thai government is also taking action to ensure that Thailand continues to attract tourists with its incredible natural beauty.

Socialgiver’s environmental partner in this campaign is the Big Trees Project. Big Trees Project is an environmental volunteer and advocacy group that works with communities, government agencies, and the private sector to preserve green public spaces in Bangkok and beyond.

Hotels and restaurants that join Socialgiver platform during the ‘Meaningful Travel’ campaign commit to donate half of their income to the Big Trees Project. They do this without charging more and guarantee the best rates that match other platforms. Socialgiver has previously worked with over 500 of Thailand’s most loved brands, and with this special campaign, many businesses are hoping to help raise funds to support environmental projects, from training in Arboriculture that aims to protect big trees in Bangkok, to supporting and protecting the forest from wildfires alongside villagers- all of this in which you can be a part of when traveling to Thailand and booking through Socialgiver.

Due to the multifaceted factors related to preserving green spaces in major cities in Thailand, it is crucial that the issues must be addressed from different perspectives. Big Trees Project takes on a holistic approach to preserving public green space to ensure a sustainable practice that creates a lasting impact. The project starts out by creating awareness on the countless benefits of how big trees can help reduce pollution in the atmosphere, decrease dust particle levels, and even produce O2 back into the atmosphere to promote big tree protection. Their work encompasses the life cycle of a tree – from growing seedlings, to reforestation programs, to educating locals to handling wildfires, to creating meaningful jobs for locals through Arborists training, to partnerships with property owners that wish to maintain their big trees to strive for as long as possible. Join our mission to preserve green spaces in Thailand and make your travel to Thailand truly meaningful.

Socialgiver’s goal is to help everyone make better lifestyle choices together – more frequently, more transparently – just by doing more of what you love.

Socialgiver has ongoing promotional activities on their website (, mobile app, and Facebook page. These include special promotions, giveaways, and a stream of blogger collaborations to promote tourism across Thailand. For international visitors, Socialgiver’s customer service team is on standby to help recommend places to stay and things to do, as well as to support all reservations to ensure a smooth booking and travelling experience.

Learn more about how Socialgiver drives a new wave of sustainable travel at or get the Socialgiver mobile app.


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