At Socialgiver, we’re always looking for ways to make the biggest impact possible – and we’re searching for people with that same life mission to join our journey. Launched in 2015, Socialgiver has been featured on the world’s biggest stages as a social enterprise that is innovating a new way that helps people live a more socially conscious lifestyle. In the midst of this global pandemic, Socialgiver is preparing to launch its biggest campaign: A Digital Travel Fair to help revive tourism in Thailand while raising funds to support the most urgent issues we face together.

If your heart is calling for a job with purpose, and you have evidence that your skills, experience, and work ethic would boost our impact in the world – we’d love to meet. Although we have a few specific open positions listed below, if you think you can add the most value in another role, you are more than welcome to propose any role that fully utilizes your skills to make an impact.

Please send us an introduction email/cover letter and your CV to

Partnerships Development / CSR Consultant

Partnership Dev

1. Sign up new partners, including hotels, restaurants, activities, and others
• Identify leading brands with potential to join Socialgiver
• Offer Socialgiver’s service as a CSR/promotion solution
• Create GiveCards to promote to customers

2. Maintain relationship with businesses
• Help promote GiveCards and acquire new customers
• Collaborate on new campaigns with key business partners
• Report marketing and impact results achieved

This role requires a consulting mindset: as a trusted expert in CSR, you will help partners create an impact in an effective and sustainable way through engaging customers. Communication and sales skills will be highly valued.

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

1. To generate revenue through campaigns and events
• Running Online & Offline campaigns and events
• Coordinating with designers to prepare and publish promotional materials for Socialgiver’s promotional channels
• Determine and track marketing performance of various experiments against key performance indicators to determine ROI of each marketing activity

2. Build relationships with Socialgiver’s partners
• Creating partnerships with social media pages, press, influencers, celebrities, and other channels
• Running joint promotions/campaigns with partners and projects
• Writing Press Releases and running PR campaigns

This role requires a collaborative mindset: to build relationships and launch campaigns with partners to reach our target audience and optimize the path to revenue.

Finance & Accounting


1. Managing company finances
• Recording and assessing all incomes and expenses, and keeping track of assets and liabilities, together with coordinating and reporting to relevant organizations
• Keeping track of monthly financial and performance KPIs of the team, suggesting improvements, and identify opportunities to grow revenues
• Processing donations for projects and ensuring they are used most effectively

2. Developing proposals, presentations, and business development
• Identify and develop relationships with strategic and expansion partners, sponsors, and investors
• Developing proposals and presentations for potential sponsors and other funding opportunities, including grants and competitions
• Identify opportunities to raise additional funds for Socialgiver and projects we support, including communication strategies, finding grants, B2B sales, and sponsorship

This role is most suited for people who love working with numbers and have a solid background in accounting and finance. But in addition to a standard accounting role, you’ll also work to secure additional revenue for Socialgiver and a range of projects who are depending on our support.

Full-Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer

You will be responsible for the whole stack of software development including:

• Developing website and mobile application for both frontend and backend with the latest technology (Node.js, React.js, iOS RxSwift, Java native Android etc.)
• Designing and Planning the tasks based on Agile/Scrum development process
• Implementing automatic system development life cycle (SDLC)
• Designing cloud-based system architecture and maintenance
• Building web-stat and system health monitoring dashboard
• Implementing automated functional and UI testing
• Being part of the team to initiate improvements to make our product the best e-Commerce platform

We prefer candidates who have some of the following skills and experience (but don’t worry, we’ll give you the space to learn the parts you don’t know):

• You have a good understanding of web development frameworks, programming libraries, and protocols such as Node.js, HTML, CSS, RESTful APIs, CI/CD, etc
• You have experience with Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, Opswork, etc)
• You have experience with native Android or iOS
• You have experience with e-Commerce website and web technologies
• You working knowledge of server configurations (Apache, Linux, etc)

We’re looking for someone with a love for technology, making an impact, and a can-do attitude. If you are eager to learn, there is plenty of room for you to grow together with us here at Socialgiver.

Management Trainee

Management Trainee

1. Assisting Socialgiver’s Co-founders
• Researching and analyzing data to prepare documents, proposals, and presentations
• Act as a point of contact for all external stakeholders, followup, and reporting progress
• Supporting any other works as required

2. Supporting general team management
• Organize and maintain office files, keeping all materials updated for all teams
• Keeping track of finances and important KPIs of the company
• Problem solving and other tasks to support all teams

In this position, you will gradually learn to do everything the co-founders do, assisting in their everyday work, and becoming the main point of contact for all stakeholders. Your goal is to learn as much as possible, all aspects of their works, in order to ultimately take up a management position.



1. Identify and support effective social and environmental projects with potential to scale
• Assess and interview projects for Socialgiver to support
• Guide projects on social impact reporting and strategies to optimize impact
• Review and summarize data/information gathered from projects and gather stories from the ground to inspire further impact

2. Running campaigns to raise funds for projects on Socialgiver
• Identify opportunities to raise funds for projects, including communication strategies, running joint campaigns, and corporate partnerships
• Build ongoing engagement with existing and potential donors
• Supporting and coordinating between the projects, partnerships and marketing teams

This role requires a campaigner mindset: as a trusted expert in social impact, you will help projects identify key activities and raise awareness and funds for various causes and lead campaigns to raise funds and ensure maximum impact is created.


Part-time Sales
Approaching hotels, restaurants, and activities to introduce Socialgiver and onboard them as Giving Partners

Part-time Marketing
Supporting the marketing team as required in specific roles most suited to your skills, e.g. content writing, coordinating with bloggers/influencers, running campaigns with partners

Part-time Fundraiser
Supporting the fundraising team and the projects we work with

Part-time Visual Designer
Creating images for marketing and communications

Interns will be assigned to support various teams based on skills, interest, and the needs of Socialgiver

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