Going Green is the New Black

Do you know what’s really trendy right now? The answer is Being trash-free!!

If you are like me that there is a rush of guilt every time I go to the supermarket and carry home far too many plastic bags and packaged products. But this is just the way of life for now, right? It is not like we can avoid it.
…Or can we?
Because this, believe it or not, is two years-worth of Lauren Singer’s trash:

Lauren Singer’s trash 2

Lauren Singers is an environmental major graduate who lives a Zero-Waste lifestyle right in the rush of New York City. By taking steps to reduce trash such as composting and making her own products—from toothpaste to condoms—all the trash she makes in two years only fit into one mason jar.

Lauren Singer’s trash

So if she can do it, why can’t you? What if the idea of living life that produces no trash ,doesn’t sound attractive enough to you!? we have compiled together five reasons why you should be living a Zero-Waste Life.

The Perks of living a Zero-Waste Life:
1. You are in control of what goes into your body.
Not only is a Zero-Waste Lifestyle good for the environment it is great for your overall complexion. Lauren says so herself that after taking on this life style her skin was much clearer and her hair became shinier. Why is this? A Zero-Waste lifestyle pushes you to take control of what goes into your body: by avoiding packaged food you won’t be eating just anything the meets the eye or strike your mood at that moment. Also, nowadays the chemicals in your face cream can sometimes do you more harm than good. Which is why your body will be thanking you for opting for natural homemade beauty products.

2. You will have much less clutter in your life.
A Zero-Waste life pushes you to focus mainly on the essentials, of what you truly need in life and only make a purchase (aka. contributing new trash) when it is absolutely necessary. By buying only what you need you will find that your apartment is much less cluttered.

3. More money left in your pockets.

4. Increase in mindfulness.
The challenging thing about living this lifestyle is becoming aware at all times of your actions and learning to plan ahead. Because you have to avoid contributing trash like the plaque you will have to be more vigilant of what you do such as not forgetting your water bottle for the day, not forgetting to decline the offers of plastic bags etc.
And last but not least…

5. Going green is sexy.
It shows you are in control and empowered enough to live in a way that is aligned with your values. You are refusing to bow down to consumerism and striving to live a life that leaves no trash behind. Mother Nature salutes you. If that’s not charisma, I don’t know what else is.

A Zero-Waste life is possible and healthy—and it’s not that hard. So if this got you interested in taking the steps to becoming a greener you, we recommend you check out Lauren Singers website: www.trashisfortossers.com

Here you will find tutorials from Lauren herself on how to make your own products and incorporating such a lifestyle into your hectic, city life.
As Emma Watson (hail queen) has once said “If not me, who? If not now, when?
So why not YOU? Why not NOW? Embark on your Zero-Waste journey today!

By Natanin Rachpradit