Thailand’s tourism industry has exploded in recent years and is now one of the most popular budget destinations for travel in the world. Better infrastructure and affordable transportation cost have made traveling around Thailand incredibly easy.

However, mass tourism also comes with a great cost. A large number of tourist activities often have a negative environmental and social impact. These aspects are most evident in the desecration of secluded islands through littering and the exploitation of cheap labor. But what if we say that there are some interesting activities you can enjoy while giving back to the communities at the same time? Let check out what they are and how you support local charities!


1. Stay with the locals

Thailand has become one of the most visited countries in the world with Bangkok ranking as the number 1 most visited city in the world. Through the use of home-stays, The Tourist Authority of Thailand has developed a sustainable way to travel and enjoy the country. The opportunity exposes foreigners to parts of Thailand that are truly off the beaten path. The home-stay program enables tourists to live like a local and enjoy the hospitality of a Thai home. Learn extensively about Thai culture & gain an opportunity to be involved in sedge weaving, and porcelain bowl crafting. Currently, the main goal of the Tourism Authority is to turn Thailand into a preferred destination for all tourists. Thus, now more than ever is a great time to come to Thailand.


Try your hand at creating your very own hand-woven sedge products while staying at your comfortable and relaxing accommodation.


Learn how to create and paint your own masterpiece of Benjarong Porcelain, a 5-star OTOP product. All while spending a night at a local home-stay accredited by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

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Take a break and escape from the chaos of Bangkok by experiencing the lifestyle of a hill tribesman.  Explore the abundantly mesmerizing forests of Doi Pui Luang in the Mae Hong Son Province.

2. Experience the national sport of Thailand: Muay Thai

As the home of Muay Thai, trying out Thailand’s national sport is both a culturally and physically enriching experience. Bangkok is undeniably the best place to start and the city hosts some of the most competent and experienced trainers. If you are visiting Bangkok and would like to give it a try, the RSM Muay Thai Academy comes highly recommended.  They offer beginners, advanced, one on one, and group classes. With an array of talented teachers, the classes offer you the chance to learn the basics in a warm and friendly environment. Classes usually start with basic stretches, jump rope warm ups, stance and footwork training, then move on to practising basic defensive skills and strikes with the fists, elbows, feet, and knees. By purchasing a 1 and a half hour beginners lesson through Socialgiver, you not only receive a special price for the lesson, but 100% of the proceeds go directly to aiding children with disabilities.



3. Enjoy Thai Massage

Honed over centuries, experiencing Thailand’s world-class massage techniques should be at the top of every traveller to do list.  After exploring the cities temples and taking in the atmosphere of Bangkok, getting a massage is an affordable and pleasant way to wind down at the end of the day. The Eight Spa, located on the 8th floor at Sivatel, Bangkok Hotel, is an ideal chance to relax and de-stress. The softly lit setting and contemporary Thai music create an atmosphere of warms, peacefulness, and tranquillity. Moreover, Spa packages include but are not limited to; partial body massages that focus on one area, and full body massages. Furthermore, the Simple Revive Package comes highly recommended and features Herbal Treatment, body treatment, Whirlpool, and a full body massage. By purchasing the treatments through Socialgiver, you get a fair bargain, and get the chance to aid in rejuvenating Bangkok’s natural landscape. This is a must if you’re traveling to Thailand.


4. Have a Memorable Drink

Bangkok is famously known all over the world for its crazy and non-stop nightlife.  The recently refurbished Vesper cocktail bar, located in the heart of the business district Silom, offers complex classy drinks in a high-end chic European bar setting. Featuring a large selection of Whiskeys, Wines, and speciality cocktails inspired by different art pieces, there’s truly no place like it in all of Bangkok. Its a bar run by passionate individuals with a taste for the unusual that leaves every customer satisfied and you definitely won’t leave disappointed. By purchasing a drink ticket through Socialgiver, you’ll save some money and improve the lives of young women by providing them with education.


5. See Bangkok From A Different View

Is It a bus? Is it a train? Or is it a motorbike? No, it’s a boat! There is truly no better way to see Bangkok than by hopping on a boat and setting sail. Traffic’s usually extremely packed, so going by boat is definitely the best alternative to getting around the city of angels. Enjoy the peacefulness of riding on the river while sightseeing at the same time! There are many ways to explore the wonders of Bangkok. However, jumping on a boat with a One-Day River Pass is one of the most convenient ways to get around to the main attractions. Chao Phraya Tourist Boat (Blue Flag) is one of the most convenient and reliable boat services that proceed along the River, stopping at the main piers, which then connect to Bangkok’s many tourist attractions. Give young rural children a chance to swim today by purchasing your discounted day trip ticket through Socialgiver. 

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Nevertheless, Exploring the many alleys, laneways, and areas of Bangkok can certainly become a struggle, especially if you aren’t accustomed to the city. The freedom of hopping on a Tuk-Tuk and beating the insane amounts of traffic has remained one of the best and most affordable options for travel. However, to avoid being scammed and enjoy Bangkok to its fullest, we highly recommend that tourists book their Tuk Tuk rides through our website. Therefore, you can relax knowing you’re not being scammed while roaming around the city. Sit back and venture to Bangkok’s old town, ride through the many bars and clubs, and enjoy the ride. Moreover, travel the sites while giving back to charity by supporting disabled children by purchasing your discounted Tuk Tuk through Socialgiver. It’s easy, safe, and fun. 

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