makeup bag

Hey, ladies! Yes, I am looking at you! Are you against animal testing?


If so you might want to check out a Youtube challenge that has been going around lately.

It’s called ‘How cruel is my makeup bag’.

Here’s a few videos you might want to check out:

Tessa Violet does a pretty good simple explanation of the challenge.

However if you are feeling particularly sassy you might want to check the video on justkissmyfrog’s channel (cute name, no?):

Basically what happens here is that people go through their makeup bags and check on whether or not the brands they are using are cruelty-free. Logical Harmony compiles a list of brands that is truly free of animal testing (updates every week!). A quick way of conducting your search is to press Ctrl+F to open up a search engine and type out the brands you are using or thinking of purchasing.

Many of us are against animal-testing but it is often not obvious which brands are cruelty-free, and sometimes it is not really something we think about when we are trying to pick out the perfect eyeshadow. However, if you do believe that animal-testing is wrong, take a few minutes to go on that website and put on a bit of tape just like in the videos to mark the brands you won’t be buying again.

Each of us has the power to determine what kind of world we want to live in and what kind of product we want to consume. It may feel like a tiny step but—not only are you sending a message to the cosmetics industry that you, as a consumer, demands a more ethical approach—you are choosing to align yourself with your values. While you might be reluctant to part with a brand, ask yourself this: does the world need that product so very bad that lives have to be spent on testing its efficiency? I’d say humanity could spare a few eyeliners here and there.

So let’s change the cosmetics industry together, one make-up bag at a time!


By Natanin Rachpradit