Bosisto’s Parrot Brand has committed to donate 50% of its proceeds from the sales of Bosisto’s Hand Sanitizing Spray to Support Healthcare Professionals in Combating COVID-19 in Thailand with Socialgiver.

A household brand name for 100% Natural Eucalyptus pharmaceutical and consumer products, Bosisto’s Parrot Brand has undertaken the task of obtaining FDA approval to manufacture 70% alcohol sprays in its Thailand based pharmaceutical factory. All alcohol products are manufactured under the strict quality control of pharmacists, up to the global standard of a GMP PIC/S certified facility, and with an independent, third-party laboratory certificate to verify the product quality.

For over 100 years, Bosisto’s Parrot Brand has been in each household to care for your health and safety. Today, all customers can now support frontline doctors and health professionals to get through this challenging time together.