Wholesome Mediterranean food on Sukhumvit 31 HARVEST Restaurant

Get to EAT at the best restaurants in the city center of Bangkok, while GIVING back to charities all over Thailand through Socialgiver’s Gift Cards. 

What’s on your mind today? Thai? Italian? Japanese? Or Indian? Living in Bangkok, we are exposed to a multitude of cultures through one common factor: FOOD!

We have compiled a list of great international restaurants along Sukhumvit road that promise you a delicious meal, and a social impact on top! How so? Each of these restaurants has collaborated with Socialgiver to donate your purchase on Socialgiver.com to different social cause- from education to health and environment. Simply buy a Gift Card on the website or mobile app and show the Gift Card code at the restaurant, you will get to enjoy your meal with an awesome discount! The best bit? 100% of the profits will go towards a local charity.


       Pattissez, Sukhumvit 39


Find “The Home of Freak Shakes” in the Bangkok branch of the popular Australian cafe, Patissez. The restaurant is situated in one of the hotspots at Sukhumvit 39 where you can enjoy a sweet and savoury meal, such as the Freak burger with two Aussie beef patties, smashed avocado with ricotta, mauritius chicken salad, and their amazing freak shakes topped with Nutella, cookies and other dessert toppings.

Revel in goodness with soothing background music, excellent service and great food. At the same time, your money will support the Food4Good project through your purchase on Socialgiver.com. You will help us get one step closer to fight malnutrition in children and young adults.

Visit: https://www.socialgiver.com/shop/patissez-sukhumvit-39/ for more details.



       Umenohana, Thonglor 13

Experience one-of-a-kind fine dining with authentic Kaiseki cuisine at Umenohana in Thonglor. This restaurant was first established in 1976 in Japan, specialising in “Kani Ryori” (crab dishes). The ingredients are carefully chosen to serve the customers an unforgettable experience of Japan’s traditional set menu meals. The Umenohana Tofu is made from selected Japanese soybeans organically grown under strict provisions to ensure not only delicious food but also a healthy meal.

 To enjoy this mesmerizing experience, purchase the Gift Card from Socialgiver.com with a discounted price and       support the Pratthanadee Foundation. The foundation empowers disadvantaged girls from Ubon Ratchathani for a     better future through free education and vocational training programs.

 Visit: https://www.socialgiver.com/shop/japanese-authentic-kaiseki-cuisine-umenohana/ for more details.


    Broccoli Revolution, Sukhumvit 49











brocholli pbrocho
Veganism is becoming a lifestyle for many Bangkokians. Broccoli Revolution is one of the best restaurants at Sukhumvit 49 to embrace this movement. The restaurant serves only vegan food that is not only animal- and dairy-free, but also an aesthetic and scrumptious meal. Enjoy dishes like the broccoli quinoa charcoal burger and tofu satay skewers.

Pay only 350 THB to enjoy any menus worth 500 THB at Broccoli Revolution through purchasing a Gift Card from Socialgiver. The 100% profits from this Gift Card will go to the SATI Foundation, who provides water filters and tanks for under-served school children in rural Chiang Rai. They might be far away, but still in need of great help.

Visit:https://www.socialgiver.com/shop/modern-vegan-restaurant-organic-cold-pressed-juice-bar/ for more details.


Mrs. Balbir’s Indian restaurant, Sukhumvit 1

Balbir, authentic Indian Cuisine on Sukhumvit Soi 11 socialgiver
If you want to make sure not to disappoint your friends, Mrs. Balbir’s Indian restaurant will do the trick! You will also want to return to this restaurant for more delicious dishes, such as Paneer Makhani and Biryani that comes along with a great ambiance!

The renowned contemporary Indian restaurant opened since 1975 is working with Socialgiver to support The Voice Foundation. With your help, the organization can provide greater support in terms of food and medical treatment to the abused, abandoned, injured cats and dogs in Thailand.

Visit: https://www.socialgiver.com/shop/mrs-balbirs-sukhumvit-11/ for more details.


MAiSEN, Thonglor 15 & Sukhumvit 23                    

maisen ppp











The history of MAiSEN dates back to the 19th century serving Tonkatsu in Japan and it still continues to be a  buzz-worthy tasty treat. The deep-fried breaded pork cutlet (Tonkatsu), along with Toku Rosu and Kurobuta Kimji Nabe Set takes you to Japan.

You will fall in love with MAiSEN’s exotic style of dishes on the first bite! Enjoy this lovely experience at discounted prices through Socialgiver and help the Food4Good project simultaneously. The project helps fight malnutrition in children and young adults in Thailand by working with leading restaurants and hotels.

Visit:https://www.socialgiver.com/shop/maisen-tonkatsu-bangkok/ for more details.



     Harvest, Sukhumvit 23

When you think of Harvest, a fresh and healthy meal comes to mind. This restaurant is situated in downtown Sukhumvit serving Mediterranean cuisine with passion. Their wholesome food is cooked using premium and fresh ingredients.

Purchase this value-for-money Gift Card from Socialgiver, and you will help to contribute towards the Laoyai Learning Center project. The project works with families and teachers to improve education for underprivileged children. Help to make a difference for the Laoyai children in Kalasin.

Visit:  https://www.socialgiver.com/shop/seasonal-wholesome-hearty-mediterranean-food/ for more details.



    Peppina, Sukhumvit 33












PIZZA! Who would hate it? Peppina, located at Sukhumvit Soi 33, is known for its authentic Neapolitan pizzas. You will find not only the pizzas, but also other original Italian delights like pasta and Montanara as well. What’s Montanara? It’s a  ‘fried dough topped with tomato, parmesan, and burrata / butter, conciato cheese, peas, lardo and baked onion/ asparagus, parma ham and parmesan’.

When you buy this Gift Card from Socialgiver, you will also support 4DekDoi project. This project funds the tuition, education materials for hill tribe children to go to school in Omkoi, Chiang Mai.

Visit: https://www.socialgiver.com/shop/grab-the-best-pizza-in-town-copy/ for more details.


     La Dotta Pasta Bar & Store, Thonglor Soi 9

The smell of the seasoned sauce helps creates ‘the perfect plate of pasta’. The smell of green basil, pepper, roasted mushrooms and melted cheese gets you eager to dig in and a treat your senses to a wonderful meal. The best feature of La Dotta includes using 100% natural Italian flour and providing gluten-free options, giving customers variety of options and satisfaction.   

Enjoy the PASTA and support the Pratthanadee Foundation at the same time. It empowers disadvantaged girls from Ubon Ratchathani for a better future through free education and vocational training programs.

Visit: https://www.socialgiver.com/shop/la-dotta-pasta-bar-store-thonglor/ for more details.


  Roast, Thonglor

roasttSmashed Avocado1

Yes, the perfect brunch exists! How many times have you woken up and craved a plate of perfectly cooked eggs benedict, smashed avocado with country rye bread along with roasted tomatoes on vine and goat cheese? Is your mouth watering yet? Well, now you can enjoy exactly that with Socialgiver’s Gift Card giving you a value-for-money deal at Roast.

Bring your friends with you for an appetizing meal at The Commons. Roast has collaborated with Socialgiver to support the Food4Good project. 100% of the profits from this Gift Card will go to the Food4Good project, which helps to fight malnutrition in Thailand for children and young adults.

Visit: https://www.socialgiver.com/shop/roast-bangkok-the-commons-thonglor/ for more details.


    Crepes & Co., Thonglor 9

crepessssscrepess saladcrepesssssss
Since 1996, the savoury and sweet crepes topped with its signature chocolate sauce from Crepes & Co. cannot be resisted. A bite of the crepe is a bite of heaven. The menu includes authentic mediterranean cuisine, such as the Moroccan Chicken Stew with black olives, saffron and lemon served with couscous, as well as “all time favourite” pastas with drinks and appetizing desserts.

Dig into these meals and simultaneously support Zy Movement Foundation when you purchase a Gift Card from Socialgiver. Your purchase at Crepes and Co will help the quality of life of children with physical disabilities through a Volja therapy.

Visit: https://www.socialgiver.com/shop/crepes-co-bangkok/ for more details.


    Appia, Thonglor 31

At Appia, it’s where you can enjoy a homemade meal with the family style Roman trattoria. Yep, that exists in Bangkok too!

For starters, we recommend the creamy burrata from Andria (roasted tomato, bottarga) and a light simple zucchini salad. The highlight of your meal would be the perfectly cooked ‘Porchetta, line in Rome’ (roast pork fennel pollen, apple compote). There are plentiful drinks to satisfy one’s thirst like the Musella Amarone 2011, and BY. OTT Rose 2015 (France), adding a pleasant note to your evening

Have a great meal at discounted price through Socialgiver’s Gift Card and support 4DekDoi project while enjoying it. The project helps hill tribe children in Omkoi, Chiangmai by funding tuition and educational costs for them to go to school.

Visit: https://www.socialgiver.com/shop/2000-baht-cash-voucher-appia/  for more details.


     Le Boeuf, Thonglor Soi 9

A mix of flavourful ingredients and authentic French fare await you at Le Beouf in Thonglor soi 9. Enrich your taste buds with the restaurant’s traditional yet exquisite French cuisine. ‘Le dos de Saumon’ (grilled salmon steak) and Wagyu Beef come with perfectly cooked or medium rare with a juicy sensation. Classic cocktails like Napoleon Aroma and Prosecco Manhattan create the right tone, and so does the creamy ‘Tartelette au citron meringuées’ – a homemade lemon tart with meringue perfect to end your meal

Le Boeuf has partnered with Socialgiver to let customers enjoy a delicious meal with a great discount and be a part to fundraise to the Zy Movement Foundation. The foundation trains people for Vojta Therapy, allowing the quality of life of children with physical disabilities to improve.  

Visit: https://www.socialgiver.com/shop/le-boeuf-bangkok/ for more details.


 By: Komal Mawani